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‍As more and more people become interested in sustainable living and local agriculture, agritourism has emerged as a popular way for consumers to connect with farmers and learn about where their food comes from. This is the beginning of the inspiring story of a Washington, DC, native who has plans to build a sustainable farm in Maryland by sharing her knowledge and passion with visitors through agritourism experiences.

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Agritourism is a form of tourism that involves visiting farms, ranches, and other agricultural businesses. This can include farm tours, pick-your-own produce, farm-to-table dinners, and overnight stays on the farm. Agritourism provides visitors with a fun and educational experience but also helps support local farmers and promotes sustainable agriculture.

Sustainable farming is a method of agriculture that aims to protect the environment, support local communities, and promote animal welfare while producing high-quality crops and livestock. Sustainable farmers use techniques such as crop rotation, natural pest control, and conservation tillage to minimize the impact of farming on the environment. By supporting sustainable farming practices, consumers can help protect the planet while enjoying healthy, delicious food.

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The Story of the Washington DC Native and Her Sustainable Farm in Maryland

Andrea is a Washington, DC, native who realized her passion for gardening and sustainable living during the pandemic. After completing the UMD Maryland Beginning Farmer Success program, she pursued her dream of starting a sustainable farm. She is currently searching for a beautiful piece of land in Maryland and to begin working to transform it into a thriving agricultural business.

Andrea's farm will produce various crops, including organic vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs. She began her Wedding and Event Planning business in 2014 and has grown tremendously in the industry since then. She has a solid administrative background and a knack for marketing. Andrea is committed to using sustainable farming practices and works hard to minimize the impact of her farm on the environment.

What is Genesis Grove?

Genesis Grove Farm is all about new greener beginnings. And we aim to live up to its name, both in terms of what we produce and offer, as well as the company culture of our business.

Genesis Grove Farm will produce a wide variety of crops, including heirloom tomatoes, sweet corn, peppers, and strawberries. They use organic methods to grow their crops, including crop rotation, natural pest control, and composting. Genesis Grove Farm intends to also sell its produce at local farmers' markets and through a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program.

We will utilize an Aeroponics greenhouse capable of growing 30% more, 3 x faster, with 98% less water and minimal land disruption. This system of growing will enable us to produce over 40 different greens with fruits and vegetables, over 50 herbs, and over 50 different flower varieties. The greenhouse will be powered by solar panels and wind turbines, reducing our farm's carbon footprint. Growing indoors can control the greenhouse's environment and provide our community with year-round fresh produce.

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The Benefits of Agritourism for Consumers and Farmers

Agritourism provides several benefits for both consumers and farmers. For consumers, agritourism offers a fun and educational experience that allows them to learn about where their food comes from and how it is produced. Visitors can also enjoy fresh, locally-grown food and support local farmers by purchasing their products.

For farmers, agritourism provides an additional source of income and helps promote their business to a broader audience. By offering farm tours, workshops, and other experiences, farmers can connect with consumers and build relationships that help ensure the success of their businesses.

Genesis Grove will build a multipurpose open-concept kitchen and restaurant. This multipurpose space will be known for educational workshops, vegan-friendly meals and smoothies, and meals for visitors, a lounge and reception area for relaxing, a lakefront with a pier for fishing, a gallery for merchandising and exhibitions, and a café/bar. Besides being an education center/farming experience, it will also attract more visitors to the farm. Visitors can learn about what we do during the summer by assisting us. The general appearance will be serene, green, clean, open, and pleasing for customers.

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The Rise of Farm Stays and Immersive Farm Experiences

One of the most popular forms of agritourism is the farm stay, which allows visitors to spend the night on the farm and experience life on a working farm. Farm stays can range from rustic camping experiences to luxurious glamping tents and may include activities such as milking cows, collecting eggs, and helping with farm chores.

Immersive farm experiences are another popular form of agritourism. These experiences may include workshops on sustainable farming practices, cooking classes using locally-grown ingredients, and tours of the farm's fields and facilities. Immersive farm experiences allow visitors to learn about sustainable farming while enjoying delicious food and connecting with like-minded individuals.

Genesis Grove's onsite cabin accommodations will follow the unique and thoughtful user experience theme in the design process to create one-of-a-kind spaces. These units will make relaxation a priority while using ergonomic designs to blend modern touches with agriculture and nature. They will each feature a specific floral name that will characterize the unit. The cabins will be arranged in a U-shape, with the farmhouse located at its center. This layout allows for an open courtyard that provides natural light and ventilation to each unit and a space for communal activities such as eating and socializing.

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The Benefits of Supporting Local Agriculture and Sustainable Farming Practices

By supporting local agriculture and sustainable farming practices, consumers can help protect the environment, promote animal welfare, and support local communities. When you purchase food from a local farm, you're not only getting fresh, high-quality products but also reducing the environmental impact of transportation and supporting the local economy.

There are many ways to support sustainable agriculture and local farmers, including:

  • Buying meat and produce from local farmers at your farmers market;
  • Shopping at your grocery store’s bulk section to reduce packaging waste;
  • Taking part in farm-to-school programs that bring fresh, local foods into cafeterias and school lunches

Genesis Grove Farm

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Agritourism is a fun and educational way to learn about sustainable farming and support local agriculture. By visiting farms, participating in farm stays, and supporting sustainable farmers, we can help protect the environment, promote animal welfare, and support local communities.

Genesis Grove Farm aims to become a model example of what can be achieved when we get together to build a better tomorrow. We appreciate you taking the time to learn about us!

If you're interested in learning more about agritourism and sustainable agriculture, be sure to join our newsletter for updates on events and opportunities in your area. And remember, every time you purchase locally-grown produce or support a sustainable farm; you're helping to build a better future for all of us.

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